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All Su 17 Dec 19:00 ''Новогодняя сказка в цирке'' Белгосцирк, Минск 62.00 BYR Fr 22 Dec 18:00 Детское новогоднее представление ''Главная Елка страны'' Дворец Республики, Минск 10.50 - 16.50 BYR Sa 23 Dec 19:00 Лебединое озеро Большой театр Беларуси, Минск 6.00 - 140.00 BYR Su 17 Dec 16:00 ''Дед Мороз и львы Африки'' Гомельский государственный цирк, Гомель 22.00 BYR Su 24 Dec 14:30 Детское шоу ''Бременские музыканты на льду'' МКСРК Чижовка-Арена, Минск 17.50 - 39.50 BYR Su 24 Dec 14:30 Маша и Медведь ДК МАЗ, Минск 7.50 - 17.50 BYR Mo 18 Dec 19:00 ''Кармен'' Подляской оперы и филармонии - Европейского центра искусств в Белостоке в рамках VIII Минского международного Рождественского оперного форума Большой театр Беларуси, Минск 6.00 - 210.00 BYR Th 21 Dec 11:00 Детское новогоднее представление ''Главная Елочка Страны'' - Новогодний блокбастер ''Куры Не/против лис'' Дворец Республики. Малый зал., Минск 10.50 - 16.50 BYR Sa 30 Dec 10:30 Спектакль ''Новогодний Щенячий патруль'' Концертный зал Минск, Минск 9.50 - 19.00 BYR Tu 26 Dec 19:00 Гала-концерт звезд Большого театра Беларуси Большой театр Беларуси, Минск 6.00 - 140.00 BYR

Information for organizers

KVITKI BY - this is a convenient electronic system of sale of tickets for cultural and sports events, recognized not only ticket buyers but also by the organizers. Modern design allows the organizer to monitor the sales online through user-friendly account of the user – orgmodel, to apply various schemes of discounts to launch non-accessible and sales, to successfully monitor the process of ticket sales, adjusting their own advertising campaign and using a wide range of advertising capabilities of our resources.

How we will work

  • Discuss with the Manager the start of sales activities, opportunities to stimulate demand at the start, the mechanisms of discounts and advertising opportunities. A personal Manager will give you access to personal account – orgmodel.
  • When the event is processed for a single electronic system, place the window to purchase tickets on the website. Agile allows you to easily place on your website html special code that will display the event and allow your visitors to purchase tickets directly on your site.
  • Prepare promotional materials, collect all graphic layouts/pictures in one email and send them to us at: It is desirable that in a letter to were banners only one event.
  • To embed at the box office prepare vertical posters A4 – 10, A3 – 10 pieces. We will give posters at point of sales network and place them subject to availability of space. For the placement of posters in the box office required the presence of the logo of size not less than 40 mm.
  • If you want to enhance the advertising of your event on the resources of KVITKI BY, see Advertising opportunities.

The list of materials to start sales:

  • Signed contract with the application
  • Tour ID
  • Application to enter the event<.li>
  • Banner (the event poster). Size 550х800 pixel. Format - png.

Staff contacts

  • A specialist in working with the organizers in Minsk: Valeria,, +375(29) 199-98-50
  • A specialist in working with organizers working in the regional centers of Belarus: Elena,, +375(29) 199-12-76
  • Marketing professionals and advertising:
  • Strategic questions of working with our company: Ales,
  • Technical support specialists:, +375(17) 293-03-74.
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